The Wanderer's Okiya

Cactuar Shirogane Ward 25
Plot 46

8pm - 12am EST

The Wanderer's Okiya

The Basics

Who We Are

Our Goal is to provide an authentic and immersive Okiya experience. An Okiya is a traditional Japanese Geisha house where patrons come to enjoy tea, sake, music, and comfort, all provided by the Geisha of the establishment. We are not a nightclub, not a rave, but a place for those seeking the comfort of another while immersed in the traditional experience.

A Little About Us

Though not explicitly of Eastern origin, the Wanderer's Okiya employees various individuals well-versed in both the history and practices of geisha as well as the culture of their originating region altogether. The Okiya is headed by Amdusias Goetia, taking the traditional title of oka-san, and Jenik Zika, taking the traditional title of oto-san. They are joined in management by T'isumi, taking the title of Bar Manager, and Ophie, taking the traditional title of Musume-bun.


Immersive Roleplay

Whether you're a weary traveler, a war torn soldier, a reputable artisan or any other, our doors are open to characters from all walks of life. Roleplayers of all skill and experience levels are welcome to take part in the immersive environment fostered by our staff and visitors.

Hospitality & Entertainment

Our staff are trained in providing the most enjoyable experience for all our guests. While our bartenders are good for conversation, they also are some of the most qualified purveyors of beverages and fine spirits west of Othard. Our geishas are always happy to bring a bit of liveliness to your group's conversation or offer meaningful discussion to a lonesome ear in our primary hosting room.

The Geisha Experience

We at the Wanderer's Okiya take great pride in offering one of Aether's most immersive and realistic geisha experiences. Whether it's a companion on the floor, a guide in Eastern ceremony, or services otherwise not mentioned you seek, our geishas are ready to answer. Having trouble picking? Let one of our staff know and a traditional line-up of our geisha can be prepared for you to purvey.

Our Kon'yoku Onsen

Stemmed in the roots of Hingan Culture, our Kon'yoku (Mixed-gender) baths are designed to accommodate parties big or small, or even solitary. All customers are welcome to make use of this public facility, offering them a respite from the stressors of the world and perhaps a chance to get to know your fellow patrons better.

The Wanderer's Okiya









Bātendā Manager























The Wanderer's Okiya


• The Wanderer's Okiya is an immersive RP venue, and in-character interactions are highly recommended; this being said, it is mandated that NSFW Content be kept private.
• The Wanderer's Okiya is reserved for those who are 18+. Minors are not allowed and will be subject to removal from the venue.
• Lalafell characters are restricted to solely SFW services and interactions.
• When attending the Okiya, please have your weapons and minions dismissed.
• All services are provided downstairs; admittance to any private rooms (besides the Onsen) requires you be accompanied by a geisha of the house.
• Please reserve /shout and /yell to staff members only.
• Please exit the venue before utilizing /teleport, /return or any other spells of the sort.
• Please be mindful to avoid emote spam when possible.
• The Wanderer's Okiya is an inclusive environment and will not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination. Any form of racist, homophobic, transphobic or any other discriminatory remarks will result in proper action being taken.
• Members of our staff and management are always available to address any of your needs and/or concerns; please don't hesitate to reach out to them.
• Our Staff reserve the right to refuse service and/or to request your removal as seen fit.

The Wanderer's Okiya

Danna Partnership


(per month)



Become A VIP

Those interested in becoming a danna member can reach out to a manager during opening hours or contact them over Discord. Additional details and inquiries may be lodged upon contact.

Danna Benefits


Geisha Reservations

One Complimentary
Geisha Hour per Month

One (100,000) Complimentary Bet per night

Bet Limits

Danna Seating & Jazubā Lounge Access

1 Free Raffle Ticket per night
(must attend)

Lifetime Danna Benefits

One Free Room Rental per Month

Room Reservations

Additional Max Bet per month

Complimentary Danna Party per month

1 Free Raffle Ticket per night

Danna Party

What is it?

Read all about our exclusive Danna Party service on our Services Page

The Wanderer's Okiya

The Wanderer's Okiya


Lia is an extremely intelligent individual with a plethora of things to speak on and is eager to learn more. Well spoken and intriguing, I was pleased to spend the night with them. I'll be sure to speak with them again some time.


The moment I put my foot in the venue I was received by a warm welcome and saw pretty ladies there! Miss Dairuko and Miss Yuki are wonderful ladies! I'll recommend the venue to all my friends! I'll definitely come back!


So I came in last night, apologizing to everyone I could for my first foray into the Okiya, where I blew past the door guard without paying the fee, and was mostly unresponsive on that night due to being ill, but I had come to support a friend... however, that aside, last night, what more can I say besides it was magical... Dairuko helped me to shed months of stress, and honestly helped me to have the best night of the year so far, and I would very much recommend her to anyone looking for someone to talk to, or cuddle... or... well.. ehem... more, but overall, I highly recommend her, and I will be coming back to the Okiya as much as I can!


My companion and I got to experience Satsuki's hospitality and fun banter first hand this evening.~ We arrived on a whim and I'm so glad we did. Getting to meet and talk with Satsuki was a complete pleasure. Thank the Kami she enjoyed listening to my friend and I's banter and expertly demonstrated a traditional tea ceremony for us. It was so so much fun getting to be with her and I'm sure if it were not the time, we could've talked her ear off for much, much longer. Thank you for having us, I hope you had fun too Satsuki~ :


The atmosphere was refreshing and delightfully comforting. The live music was on que and the services beyond expectations. Well worth the visit and well worth your gil. Definitely recommend stopping by!


Ophie is one of the best courtesans I've ever had the honor of interacting with. Ophie has a writing style unlike any other, beautifully and effortlessly stringing together words to create a symphony. Her writing is so elegant and thorough, a perfect mirror to the elezen herself. She's not afraid to inject her dignified, yet witty personality into her work, quipping in with lively jokes at sometimes the most nonsensical times. Ophie held my hand every step of the way, making sure I was comfortable and cared for, asking me if it was okay to do things before she did. She kept my well-being in mind, constantly checking in if I was alright and even going so far as to set our session somewhere where I felt more comfortable. Whether you're seeking something wholesome or something more, she'll astound you with how quickly and efficiently she writes. I think she capped out at 5 whole text boxes during our session, in which she wrote exquisitely and carefully, illustrating a perfect painting of her character's actions and feelings. And what a character she has! If you're someone who tends towards long form RP or want to experience a night of giggling, I HIGHLY recommend Ophie. She's caring and generous the whole time, taking care of her partner's every need all while writing a well thought out novel or your characters. And again, words cannot describe how kind she was as she stilled my fears and made me feel safe and secure.


Waave and Eve were a delight to converse with. Nervous at first, but as the night progressed I felt much at ease with these two thanks to Arimimi who booked the night. They are well dedicated to being the Geisha for the venue and I do hope to see these two again when I come to the Okiya.


Ah, the darlin' Wixie. When I first saw her, I knew that I would be in for a long and fulfilling night. "Deep-blue Elezen beauty" doesn't even begin to describe my experience with her. She is the perfect dancer of words, with the way she seamlessly twirls and weaves through every conversation with ease. The way she speaks feels as though I can be myself even more. That barely scratches the surface, as her beauty and raw desires when we are together skewered through my heart like the well-placed thrust of a rapier. Without being too explicit, I will say that she is the perfect bedside companion. She is prompt, considerate, and very descriptive that paints the scene of passion perfectly.


Really cool and chill place, onpoint decoration and very nice bath house room. Will come back.


Very relaxing place, would definitely recommend to visit for an enjoyable evening with the staff or even for a date.


Waave is an absolute delight to spend time with. She's very caring and considerate with others, and dedicated to her work as well. If I had any complaints, it's only that this busty bun should be more confident in herself. One of my favorite people to rp with


Not often do I visit a venue, and even less often that I hire company. I was glad that I made an exception for Ophelie though. She was friendly, very much dedicated to serving all my needs and made me feel genuinely involved. Her writing is as spectacular as the character she designed too!


My favorite bouncer Azkhal helped me out with starting my first ever RP with someone! I need to hang out in the Okiya more, it was so fun. 100/10


I didn't get to stay long because my weekly schedule has me get home juuust as you guys close. But I'm excited to come back when I have longer to spend. It's such a cute venue and the onsen is a wonderful touch.


If I'm to be honest regarding the staff here, they're super friendly and provide a healthy source of entertainment during my hiatus from XIV. Each of them have a good sense of humor, and they're really detailed and developed with how they are. Each is a thrill to slowly learn about, and I can't wait to return to XIV within time just to have fun with them again.


had a wonderful time with Eve, very fun and kind!


My Elezen had the pleasure of spending time with Wixie yesterday evening, and I have to admit those were the most relaxing and exciting hours Kazara had in quite a while.
From the first smalltalk up to the final goodbye, Miss Wistemont managed to create a wonderful atmosphere, and attuned herself seemingly effortless to changing wishes and needs. Especially considering it was her first night she did a wonderful job, leaving my Duskwight in awe at the end.
As for the RP, the super fast response time was quite a nice challenge and kept me on my toes all the time, making it a fun and enjoyable experience.
Full marks, and it won't be Kazara's last visit.


Satsuki is a talented story teller who graciously adds her own opinions to the tales she tells. I had great fun listening to an engaging legend and speaking with her, both in and out of character, on our takes on it. I thank her very much for taking the time out of her busy schedule to recite the tale of Tanabata to me.I recommend this talented geisha for the welcoming atmosphere and engaging personality.(Also, what would have happened if Tanabata's lover had fallen?)

The Wanderer's Okiya

Review Portal

Did you enjoy yourself? Find yourself in company that was truly spectacular? Feel free to leave a review of the venue or a staff member of choice through this portal or in our Discord's review channel!

The Wanderer's Okiya

Job Openings

2* • Geisha
1 • Bātendā
1 • Hikyaku
1** • Bakuto

*Preference given to candidates working on Tuesday
**Preference given to candidates working on Friday

Job Portal

Want to get involved with the Wanderer's Okiya and make a little bit of extra money? Feel free to fill out the following form; even if there are no current openings for the position which you are interested in, you are more than welcome to leave your information here in the event of future openings.

The Wanderer's Okiya

Human Resources

The Wanderer's Okiya

Report A Violation

The Wanderer's Okiya

Specialized Services

Stories - 50,000G
Games - 50,000G
Omikuji - 50,000G
Tea Ceremony - 75,000G
Private Time with Geisha - Ask Geisha for Price

Room Rentals

Rent a Private Room for 100,000G / hour

Yurt Sweet
(Room #3)

(Room #4)

Private Room
for Two
(Room #7)

(Room #14)

(Room #15)

Danna Party

What is it?

In an effort to offer the greatest level of service to high-profile clientele, the Wanderer's Okiya is excited to offer the exclusive "Danna Party" to its Danna Guests. This party, restricted to no more than 5 people, is entitled a dedicated host for the evening, private gambling and reduced prices on certain Okiya Offerings & free bar service in the Jazubā Lounge for all party members.

How To Book

Danna Parties are currently offered by reservation only and must be booked by contacting the Musume-bun; Lifetime Danna will take immediate priority whilst Danna Members will follow them in precedence when considering bookings. At this time, only one hosted party is hosted each evening; by reservation, an un-hosted party with all benefits except a dedicated host and private gambling may be booked in a similar fashion at a reduced rate.

How much?

Hosted Danna Party
Lifetime Danna | 500,000
Danna | 1,000,000
Regular Customer | 2,500,000
Un-Hosted Danna Party
Lifetime Danna | 250,000
Danna | 500,000
Regular Customer | 1,000,000

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